Why cans?

The simple answer: cans are best for preserving the flavour of the beer. When we launched FUERST WIACEK in 2016, we set out to brew beer of the highest quality possible. That’s why when it came to packaging our beer the only logical choice was to put it in cans.

Cans are 100% lightproof and 100% airtight and this makes a huge difference to the quality of the beer they contain. Oxygen and ultraviolet light are extremely destructive to beer, especially the pale hoppy beers we love so much. Oxidised and lightstruck beers are browner, skunky, cardboard flavored shadows of their former selves.

Then there are the logistical and practical benefits of cans over bottles.

Cans are lighter. It might not seem like a huge difference when you have one of each but if you have to carry a particularly lavish beer haul home or supplies for a picnic in the park it soon adds up.

As well as being lighter, they’re also stackable so transporting them uses less packaging material and less space which means lower CO2 emissions. A truck load of canned beer would turn into two trucks when packaged in bottles. So not only would it have a greater environmental impact from the CO2, transport costs would also be higher.

In short, cans mean the beer tastes better and minimises the damage to the environment and your bank balance.

Cans are better for beer flavor (no ultraviolet light, low oxygen impact).
The recycling rate for aluminium cans in Germany is 99%.
METAL RECYCLES FOREVER. Aluminium cans are 100% and INFINITELY RECYCLABLE – 75% of all the aluminium ever produced is still in use today.
Cans are much lighter than glass and cause way less CO2 emissions per unit in transport; advances in manufacturing processes mean 30% less aluminium is used in cans today compared to 30 years ago.
Cans will not break. As cyclists in Berlin we dream of streets free of shattered glass bottles.


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