Where can I find your beers? 

Our beers are mostly available fresh from the tap. The easiest way to find them is in Berlin at the craft beer spots Biererei, BrewDog, Lager Lager, Hopfenreich, Mikkeller, Muted Horn, Protokoll or at the restaurant Muse. 

Occasionally we do also package in cans. When we have a caning run planned we are pre selling the cans in our online shop in 4-packs. You should check our online shop frequently.

Do you offer brewery tours or can I visit you? 

We are brewing our beers at another Berlin based brewery. It's not our own space which means we can't offer any tours or receive guests. But we are building a brewery at this moment!

Do you have a tap room or a bar? 

Unfortunately not. At this stage we do concentrate on building our own brewery which might have a space to get a few beers.

I own a bar or restaurant. How can I get your beers?

Please shoot us a message to shop@fuerstwiacek.com. We will find a solution. We are distributing by ourselves within Berlin and work with distributors to supply other regions and countries.